Veteran’s Initiative Statement

We honor veterans every day by teaching corporate executives the timeless military leadership principles that have helped build leaders of character for our nation for over two centuries. By bringing corporate America to West Point to enhance their leadership skills, we are helping to bridge the “civilian-military” divide by creating a new or renewed appreciation for the service of U.S. veterans.

TLDG commits to the #vetsdayceochallenge by continuing to hire veterans and their families as valued faculty and staff members, teach military principles of leadership to thousands of corporate executives, and organize special events that help honor veterans and support veterans’ causes.

We identified 13 categories of support that companies can provide to support Veterans, and we do our best to support in all the applicable areas.

We support several philanthropies that support the military or veterans.  Our founders are donors and members of the Boards of Directors for:

Our founders also support:


To learn more about our programs contact us at 1.800.247.5047, ext. 7998