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Effective leadership strategies sometimes require individual or organizational advising to help further develop and refine goals, guide reflection, and create actionable solutions.  TLDG's coaching services offer you one-on-one access to faculty, who are accomplished and experienced leaders, to help provide you and your organization with new and proven methods for successfully tackling challenges. Our faculty objectives are to help you grow by identifying your current strengths and limitations, offering outside perspective, and working with you to set objectives with achievable targets simultaneously ensuring that you and your team are accountable and progressing. 

To support individual executive development, TLDG offers the Leader Functions Index© (LFI), a survey instrument developed and validated by TLDG faculty member Colonel (Ret.) Sean Hannah, Ph.D. and Dr. John Sumanth.  The survey assesses 5 key functions of effective leaders: leading with purpose, aligning collective effort, building and developing others, modeling the way, and managing for impact. The LFI is an online assessment available in both self-rating and 360° (ratings from followers, peers, and more senior leaders) versions. The LFI provides a robust feedback report. That, along, with a leader development plan workbook and guided coaching helps leaders improve their leadership across the 5 functions and drive personal growth. 

TLDG’s consulting services address organizational strategic planning and development.  Solutions might include planning and executing effective organizational culture change, planning for successful leader assimilation and transition, aligning corporate vision and strategy, building high-performing teams, and implementing high-performance management systems.  Organizational assessments addressing any of these topics are available and may include interviews, focus groups, or surveys.


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"Decision making is not what you decide, it is how you decide."
Colonel Heidi Graham, Ed.D.,(USA, Retired, George Washington University)
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