TLDG Online extends West Point’s military leadership lessons and TLDG’s proven learning process to a virtual setting that complements our onsite programs. Through this online experience, you gain exposure to our same impressive faculty who develop and lead unique courses only available through TLDG Online.

The experience includes multi-media learning tools to absorb the content in various ways, capture personal and group reflections, and interact with an experienced faculty team. It provides an exceptional opportunity for leaders at all organizational levels to closely examine their effectiveness as a leader.

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"Leading with Character and Competence" & "Leading with Purpose" 
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Leading High-Performing Teams
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"The TLDG Online Leadership Program far exceeded my expectations!  I was unsure of how effective an online leadership program could be, but was impressed with how interactive the program is and how well it was presented.  The program is well designed to not only teach participants about the key tenets of leadership, but it keeps participants engaged through interaction with each other.”

Mike McAbee, Department Manager
Sales and Leadership Training
Mercedes-Benz USA


“At the start of the program, I was unsure… if our participants would be able to maintain their course work in addition to their day jobs and home life, but that concern was quickly diminished. I was impressed with…how well it was presented in small bites so that participants could maintain their homework assignments and activities. There was genuine excitement and responsiveness to the course material, which was designed for every type of leader. We were able to pull together 30 leaders from various locations within our organization to focus on their own development, which alone strengthened our team unit…We are looking forward to expanding to other leaders at Atlantic Broadband soon.”

Courtney Long
Vice President, Customer Care
Atlantic Broadband


 “The TLDG-Online program was extremely beneficial for our team. The program combined individual work, small team interactions and entire group sessions to create a truly blended learning environment. The opportunity to have an executive sponsor from the company was a key differentiator that set the program apart from most others. BG Becky Halstead’s material is outstanding; her talks combined with the short videos and selected readings provide a comprehensive and powerful Leadership 101 training.”

John Haller
VP Global Supply

What is TLDG Online?
TLDG Online extends West Point’s military leadership lessons and TLDG’s proven learning process to a virtual setting that complements our onsite programs. Through this online experience, you gain exposure to our same impressive faculty who develop and lead a unique course only available through TLDG Online. These faculty course designers share their experiences and insights asynchronously through an engaging online platform while synchronous interaction with our online expert faculty team enhances the contextual learning opportunities. Participants will recognize the demonstrated elements of TLDG’s learning model integrated throughout an interactive and collaborative online environment. TLDG Online boasts the same course outcomes as our onsite programs.

What are the benefits of TLDG Online?
The benefits include:

  • Exporting the TLDG at West Point learning experience to cascade throughout your entire organization around the world
  • Interacting with senior-level expert faculty and company sponsor in a collaborative environment that allows for dynamic, two-way dialogue with your cohort
  • Enabling participation from team members who might be geographically diverse, with varying degrees of work and travel demands, through accessible content and flexible scheduling
  • Accessing online content for up to 1-year afterward to refine your personal leadership goals and continue engaging with your cohort 

What is unique about TLDG’s online platform? Why should we choose the TLDG Online experience instead of other distance learning programs?
TLDG is honored to partner with CorpU, a pioneer in the field of virtual learning communities. CorpU’s learning experts bring together your organization and their exclusive technology to deliver ground-breaking virtual learning and real-world results. These cohort-based, virtual learning communities integrate social media, cloud computing, and mobile technologies to seamlessly connect busy employees with subject-matter experts to accelerate business success. By leveraging CorpU’s unique learning platform, our partnership has created a customized online guided learning system that will export the TLDG West Point experience to your organization. This unique and engaging online experience includes multi-media learning tools to capture reflections, interact with small breakout groups, and connect through live webinars with your cohort and an experienced faculty team. It also incorporates a variety of content delivery methods to include videos, case studies, surveys, and assessments.

What is the format and structure of the Online programs?

  • Duration: 3 weeks—1 module per week
  • Average cohort size of 30 participants
  • Time Required: 4-5 hours per module/week—which include the breakout group meetings and live events
  • Self-paced; each weekly module includes asynchronous instruction and blended learning opportunities
  • Daily sessions are broken into smaller incremental lessons of 5-10 minutes each to maximize flexibility
  • Breakout groups, of 5-6 participants each, offer opportunities to connect in smaller, more intimate discussion groups
  • Live weekly webinars with the cohort are led by an expert faculty team
  • Access for one year to the online program for sustainment to include continued cohort engagement, accountability, and self-reflection

Who should attend? What level of leader is best?
Our online courses provide an exceptional opportunity for leaders at all organizational levels. Brand new or soon-to-be managers, as well as experienced leaders and executives, will benefit from the shared experiences of our expert faculty and opportunities to interact with other leaders from their organization. This collaborative online experience helps bring teams together, even if they are geographically dispersed, through the interactive environment and the sharing of unifying leadership principles.

What are the course’s “Live Events?”
The Live Events are the capstone activity for each weekly module and offer an opportunity for participants to interact as a cohort as well as engage with the faculty team and Cohort Champions (see Cohort Champion FAQs). These Live Events are pre-scheduled webinars that gather the entire cohort for a collaborative 1-hour facilitated discussion led by our expert faculty team. Our experienced moderator and faculty enhance the learnings while highlighting pertinent discussions, sharing and assessing survey results, and encouraging collaborative conversations. Ideally, the faculty team are joined by a Cohort Champion from your organization who is incorporated into the webinar for the opportunity to share and discuss real-time, relevant applications with your participants.

Can our organization participate if attendees are in different time zones?
Yes. All the sessions can be completed asynchronously except for the weekly breakout group discussions and live webinars. However, the breakout groups discussions can be conducted virtually (conference call or webinar recommended) at any time that best meets the needs of each breakout group. Additionally, the live webinar times for the entire cohort will be coordinated to ensure they maximize participation from all locations. The webinar dates and times will also be announced prior to the launch of the program so participants can coordinate their attendance in advance.

How is the course accessed online?
Your organization’s cohort will have a unique web address allowing your team to access the course anywhere they have internet access. Daily sessions can be viewed and completed through computers, tablets, or mobile devices that meet the minimum systems requirements. 

What are the computer and system requirements for the online programs?
Most computers, tablets, and mobile devices can be used. Please see the CorpU System Requirements document for specific information.

What is a “Course?”
All our TLDG Online courses are designed by one of our TLDG expert faculty. Each course is 3-weeks in length and broken into three 1-week modules. Courses can be run with multiple cohorts from the same organization simultaneous 

What is a “Cohort?”
A cohort is a group of participants that enter the same online course, and complete the modules in tandem. As a cohort, they have opportunities to interact through an engaging online platform and a weekly live event. Cohorts encourage relationship building and result in shared teaching, where cohort members learn from each other’s experiences and insights. Cohort models often appeal to team members motivated by a group setting and collaborative learning. The average size cohort for our TLDG Online courses is 30 participants with a maximum of 50. 

What is a “Breakout Group?”
A cohort will be broken into breakout groups consisting on average of 5-6 people each. Breakout groups can be arranged randomly, by location, division, role and responsibility, or other organic groupings preferred by your organization. Breakout groups offer participants an opportunity to discuss and reflect on topics in a more intimate setting. These interactions allow participants to learn from each other through the sharing of relevant and applicable topics related to the greater theme of the program. For TLDG Online programs, our breakout groups connect through engaging platform while also meeting on a weekly basis. During their weekly breakout group sessions, participants gather (in person or virtually by webinar) in this smaller group setting for a designated period with clear objectives to include an opportunity to discuss a topic, complete an activity, or brainstorm ideas. An additional benefit of breakout group sessions is that they might prove to be an opportunity for quieter participants to raise questions or share ideas and observations that they may not have otherwise shared with the larger cohort. When the cohort reconvenes weekly, these questions and ideas can be shared with all the cohort participants.



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