General (Retired) Charles Jacoby, Jr.
(USA, Retired, USMA 1978)

Leadership, leader development, team building and organizational culture. Strategic planning and policy.  Interagency cooperation and integration, Multi-national cooperation and operations. Homeland defense and security and the Arctic.


General Jacoby has over 36 years of leading military, government, and international organizations. General Jacoby has also served as an instructor and assistant professor in the Department of History at the United States Military Academy. He has commanded at all levels in Airborne infantry and Joint assignments from Company to Combatant Commander, including combat operations in Grenada, Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan, and Operation Iraqi Freedom Iraq.  As the Deputy Commander of CJTF-76 he was responsible for the 18,000 troops conducting combat operations in Afghanistan and in Iraq he was the Commander of the 135,000 troops of Multi-National Corps Iraq conducting combat operations across the country of Iraq. Following Corps command General Jacoby served as the Director of Strategy, Plans, and Policy, J5 of the Joint Staff where he led planning for coalition and NATO operations in Libya and assisted in the Middle East Peace Process. He also served as the US Military Representative to the United Nations.

In his final assignment General Jacoby served as the first Army officer to Command North American Aerospace Command (NORAD) and US Northern Command. Under his leadership he reorganized the 1800 person Bi-National and Joint Headquarters and integrated 35 Federal State and Non-Governmental Organizations for the Defense and Security of North America.


Awards and Scholarly Pursuits:
Various military award and decorations to include awards from the Governments of Canada, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and Colombia. Scholarly monographs on the efficacy of air campaigns and the organization of modern Brigade Combat Teams. OPEDS on Homeland Missile Defense and Strategic deterrence.

General Jacoby has given numerous presentations on leadership, organizational design and culture. He has also organized, executed, and participated in conferences and seminars for senior interagency officials on combatting transnational criminal organizations, homegrown violent extremists, and the opening of the Arctic.


BS, United States Military Academy, West Point, New York
MA History, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
MS Military Arts and Science, School of Advanced Military Studies, FT Leavenworth, Kansas
MA Strategic Studies, National War College, Ft McNair, Washington D.C.


Council of Foreign Relations
Trustee of the El Pomar Foundation
Association of the United States Army
US Naval Institute