Leading With Character And Competence

March 4-8, 2019
Online Course

Achieving Results Through Values-Based Leadership

Brigadier General (Ret.) Becky Halstead inspires leaders to practice new leadership behaviors, to develop their own personal leadership philosophy, and to ground their leadership in their own values and experiences. When leaders focus daily on practicing a leadership philosophy that marries character and competence, their actions result in high performing teams achieving their best. After all, “a better me is a better we.” The first step to being a better leader? Embracing the idea that the first person you must lead is you. Leaders who want to lead teams to a higher level of performance, make a lasting impact on team members, and add significant value to their organizations, will learn how through leading with character and competence.

Client Results

Transformational, Innovative and Empowering

Joe DePinto, CEO
The training and development conducted by the Thayer Leader Development Group was truly outstanding. We held a two day session for several executives in our company, and all of us came away energized by what we learned and ready to take on the next leadership challenge. The topics taught were impactful, and the instructors were inspiring. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to invest in the leadership development of their team.
Joe DePinto, CEO
Laura Mattimore, Director, Leadership Development
Thank you on behalf of P&G’s leadership team for an absolutely terrific experience. The concepts, tools and rich dialogue that you brought to our team have inspired us and stretched our thinking as we look for new approaches to how we grow and develop leaders at P&G. The time that you took upfront to understand our challenges and work with us to build a customized program is what made it so special. There are many insights that came from the session, which we will take forward. Thanks for sparking a whole new dimension of discussion and ideas.
Laura Mattimore, Director, Leadership Development
Bill Noble, Senior Vice President
We recently held a combination business meeting and training session with TLDG. It was a perfect complement to our strategic plan for 2013 to include the leadership training from TLDG into crafting our 2013 business execution plan. The instruction was fabulous, the venue of the historic Thayer Hotel and the business lessons that we experienced both in the classroom and on the Staff Ride were exactly what my team and I were looking for to begin what is sure to be a fabulous year! Based on this experience we are looking to bring another layer of leaders to the Thayer Hotel for leadership training.
Bill Noble, Senior Vice President

Program Agenda

March 4-8, 2019, Online Course

Monday, March 4 The First Person You Must Lead Is You
Tuesday, March 5 Leadership Requires Both Character and Competence
Wednesday, March 6 Leadership Actions & Decisions
Thursday, March 7 Living Your Values: A Leadership Philosophy
Friday, March 8 Leading For The Betterment Of Others

Program Faculty

Leaders Building Leaders

Brigadier General Rebecca Halstead
(USA, Retired, USMA 1981)

Becky specializes in inspirational speaking (nationally and internationally; corporate and academic), developing leader training programs, leader coaching, consulting and advising.  Becky translated her military leadership principles and lessons learned, and developed her STEADFAST Leadership model, which she shares with the corporate and academic sector. Her expertise encompasses: developing leader training programs, leader coaching, consulting and advising, strategic level leadership, logistics, supply chain management, asset protection, physical security, risk management, diversity and inclusion, coaching and mentoring.

In 2010, following 27 years of service in the U.S. Army and retiring after achieving the rank of Brigadier General, Becky founded her own company. In this capacity, she has worked in the corporate sector speaking on leadership, as well as in the academic sector (Harvard, Duke, Columbia University, Penn State, Ithaca College, Virginia Military Institute, McIntire School of Business at the University of Virginia, etc).  Becky and her book are the focus of the Thayer Leader Development Group’s first online leadership series.  

Prior to retiring from the Army, Becky had over 15 years of executive‐level leadership experience, developing and training high-performing, complex and diverse teams capable of strategic planning and execution. She has a proven record of leading change, building successful teams in demanding environments (Afghanistan and Iraq, Germany, South America), and creating innovative solutions, systems and programs to complex problems. She is an experienced leader and logistician, a highly effective communicator, and a strategic planner with exceptional organizational skills. 

Becky is a 1981 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy and achieved an historic milestone as the first female graduate of West Point to be promoted to General Officer. She was the senior Commanding General (equivalent to CEO) for logistics in Iraq, and was the first female in U.S. history to command in combat at the strategic level. In this capacity, she was responsible for leading over 200 multi‐disciplined units (20,000 military and 5,000 civilians) located across 55 different bases, providing supply, maintenance, transportation and distribution support to over 250,000 personnel serving in Iraq. 

During active service, she served in Europe as the Deputy Commanding General (equivalent to Chief Operating Officer) for the 21st Theater Support Command and has experience leading a multi-national team in wholesale level logistics operations. Prior to Europe, she served as the Chief Advisor to the Combatant Commander (Four Star General) for Southern Command, whose responsibility encompassed military training and operations for South America. She was also responsible for coordinating directly with high‐level organizations such as Office of the Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Department of State, U.S. Congress, U.S. Ambassadors and equivalent foreign military and civilian organizations. 

Becky honorably served with the U.S. Army and retired as a General Officer in 2008. The culmination of her career came in 2006 when she became the first female Chief of Ordnance and Commanding General of the Army’s Ordnance Center and Schools (equivalent to President of a University), responsible for the leader development and institutional training for the second largest branch in the army with over 100,000 members of the Ordnance Corps.

Scholarly Work/Publications/Awards/Distinctions
Recipient of the 2007 National Women’s History Project award for “Generations of Women Moving History Forward.”
Person of the Year, Dynamic Chiropractic, 2010
Ordnance Corps Hall of Fame, 2011
Thayer Hotel Room Dedication for Distinguished Graduates, 2011
New Jersey Women Hall of Fame, 2013
Subject of the Harvard Business Case Leadership Study, STEADFAST Leadership, 2011
Author, 24/7: The First Person You Must Lead is You!

Honorary PhD degree, Doctor of Military Science, Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA
MS, National Resource Strategy (Advanced Manufacturing) Industrial College of the Armed Forces, National Defense University, Fort McNair, Washington DC
MS, Advanced Military Studies (Visionary Leadership), Army Command & General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, KS
BS, Engineering U.S. Military Academy, West Point, NY


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Leading With Character And Competence

March 4-8, 2019, Online Course

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