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That effective organizations have effective leaders comes as no surprise. Getting there is the challenge. That’s why we design our programs to navigate the crossroads faced by both individuals and organizations as well as aspire to their goals. Our role in creating leaders centers on systemically creating value within an organization by redefining what true leadership is and does. We train individuals to better themselves – and, in turn, their teams – transforming their approach to organizational collaboration. Within this framework, leaders become a powerful tool within their companies, activating a game-changing performance culture in clear reach of its goals.

For additional information about TLDG Custom or Open Enrollment programs, please contact our Learning Coordinator, Nataliya Brantly, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST, at:


(United States) 1.800.247.5047, ext. 7998
+1.845-446-4731, ext. 7998


"We recently held a combination business meeting and training session with TLDG. It was a perfect complement to our strategic plan for 2013 to include the leadership training from TLDG into crafting our 2013 business..."
Bill Noble, Senior Vice President

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