Building Leaders of Character

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“There is nothing more important to P&G’s continued success than the development of strong Leaders with the character, values and capabilities required to lead.  Our two day meeting was definitely time well spent towards this objective.” - Robert McDonald, Chairman & CEO, Procter & Gamble. 

The Thayer Leader Development Group (TLDG) is the benchmark in leadership development, providing both world-class instruction and an unequalled inspirational setting. With layered expertise in leader development, TLDG offers your team access to the top scholars and field practitioners in leadership education today. More...

TLDG is proud to announce its publication of “Lead the Army Way” by Director of Education, Karen Kuhla and Program Manager, Carlys Lemler in the October issue of the prestigious Leadership Excellence Magazine. TLDG looks forward to continuing to bring exceptional ways to learn and apply the best practices in the field of leadership to all types of organizations and businesses. Please see the article below!

Brigadier General (Retired) Pete Dawkins, Ph.D.

TLDG Board Members

Donna McAleer, USMA ’87

TLDG Staff

Women Leading from the Front Lines: TLDG proudly presents its inaugural open enrollment academy designed specifically for female leaders and led by female General Offices and expert faculty, who will reveal their battle-tested principles of leadership lessons learned from West Point and the Army. The target audience is mid- to senior-level women leaders and those desiring to re-enter the workforce at a senior level, who want proven, practical tools of what it means to be a more effective, inspirational leader. Registration is now available for the
Feb 8-11, 2012 session.
For more information, download attached PDF (which includes the registration form) or please contact